Changing Attitude internationally

changing attitude pride march 400w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Changing Attitude Ireland on a Pride march

Changing Attitude has sister organisations across the world.

Changing Attitude Australia

Changing Attitude England

Changing Attitude Ireland

Changing Attitude Kenya
Director: Joseph Fred Odinga Odero

Changing Attitude New Zealand
Jeremy Younger, the convenor, can be contacted by email:

Changing Attitude Nigeria
Director: Uche Samson Ani

Changing Attitude Scotland
You can contact Kelvin, who maintains the website and network, by email:
or by telephone: 01786 832368


  1. Rosario Domech says

    Dear Changing Attitude:

    Could you please consider translating your web page into Spanish? Most people in Spain don´t understand English. Moreover, Catholics are compliant and docile. However, we have prette the same problems as you do.
    What I like best from you is your happy-for-battle spirit. No catholic web page could ever copy that, we are far too anxious and obedient. But it is important that the message gets through. Languages are walls, lets overcome them and change the world.
    Best regads

    Rosario Domech

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