Retiring Archbishop says conflict over homosexuality a threat to the stability of the Communion,

In interviews with journalists on his recent visit to Toronto, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey said the conflict over homosexuality was threatening to destabilise world Christianity. Dr Carey repeated a recent warning to the Anglican Church that liberal dioceses could cause schism and that deviation from the Lambeth resolution would have major ecumenical consequences. “The Bible is very, very clear. I mean it’s very, very clear on where we stand on this issue,” said the Archbishop, who nevertheless added his personal regret that the voice of orthodox Christianity could appear to say to people, ‘You don’t belong’.

He acknowledged that homosexuals had had a bad deal in the Church. “I’m aware of their pain and I’m aware of pain within myself. I am a generous person and I wish I were able to say yes, I could bless [same-sex unions] but I can’t bless what God doesn’t.” The Archbishop continued to argue that ‘local option’ wasn’t the Anglican way and warned the Canadian Primate Archbishop Michael Peers that the issue could split the Canadian Church. “I understand there are 13 bishops who are deeply unhappy. If I were Primate I’d be very worried in case a great fissure opened in the Church of Canada.”

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