Changing Attitude Ireland invitation withdrawn following Orange Order objection

Church Times

The invitation to Changing Attitude Ireland to lead a prayer during the intercessions at the Church of Ireland Synod Eucharist on Sunday has been withdrawn after objections by the Orange Order.

During the Synod meeting, Changing Attitude Ireland hosted a lunchtime talk by Dr Richard O’Leary, from Queen’s University, Belfast, on the responses of Churches to homophobia.

“The proactive responses of the Churches to the occurrence of racism can be contrasted with their inaction on the existence of homophobia,” Dr O’Leary said.

Changing Attitude Ireland was invited to participate in the Sunday Eucharist in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh, by the Church’s Hard Gospel Project which addresses issues of diversity and inclusion. Other groups invited to participate in the intercessions were the Orange Order, the Royal Black Preceptory, the Masonic Order, and the Gaelic Athletic Association. The Orange Order objected to the prayer allocated to Changing Attitude. In response, the organisers of the service withdrew the prayers, and instead invited the groups’ representatives to attend as guests.

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