The Lambeth Witness – Inclusive Church coalition’s daily newsletter

The coalition of groups working under the Inclusive Church banner are producing a daily newsletter for the Lambeth Conference. The Newsletter includes reports of the previous day’s events, information about events for the next day, profiles of our various groups, articles and information about Lambeth.

The Newsletter was handed to bishops leaving the morning service by a team of volunteers on Monday morning at the exits from the Big Top.

Later on Monday morning we were asked to distribute the newsletter from stands, which we then created from cardboard boxes (see photos 5 and 6).

We took the Tuesday edition of the newsletter to the campus from the Communication Centre and placed 200 in the Rutherford College entrance and then walked the two hundred yards to Eliot College to place 200 there. By the time we returned to Rutherford College, the 200 had been removed and placed in a recyling bin. Later the same day, the Inclusive Church posters had been ripped from the Rutherford stands and later still, one of the cardboard stalls had been attacked (see photos 7 and 8 below). Enquiries with college staff revealed that the culprit is a white woman in her mid 50s.

Because the bishops are in London today, we haven’t produced a newsletter. Tomorrow, Friday, we will place volunteers in Rutherford with a camera in the hope of catching the culprit and stopping the vandalism.

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