Integrity Uganda appeals to Mothers’ Union – think about our LGBT children

by David Kato

Integrity Uganda has written the following letter to the Chairperson and President of the Mothers’ Union in Uganda:

Looking back over the years at the work that the Mothers’ Union (MU) has done, we cannot help but acknowledge the great steps taken and achievements made by the MU to save lives and empowering the mothers of the world. The work of MU has transformed many mothers and empowered them to be effective teachers and positive role models. It is, however, on this note that we wish to focus on the MU’s commitment – as a subscriber – to the United Nations declaration of making 2001-2010 a decade for a culture of peace, non-violence for the children of the world, and to request that the MU joins with us in addressing loopholes in the church’s response and application of the said 2001-2010 declaration.

All children come into the world at the engineering of a mother and a father but they also come into the world as children of God. This therefore means that mothers, as God ordained nurturer, should remain sensitive and responsive to their children’s hardships, regardless of the labels the world may place on some of the children or the choices the children themselves may make along life’s way. Special focus goes to LGBTI children and the noted failure on the mothers’ side to have dialogue with their LGBTI children. In this, we dare say, mothers have not taken as a divine appointment their responsibility towards their LGBTI children. Fear of a stained reputation for having a gay or lesbian child has made many mothers neglect their LGBTI children and stay silent when the children are driven out of the home, been victims of curative rape by relatives, dismissed from schools in the name of Religion, and refused a place in the house of the very God that created them the way they are and gave them life. This lack of reception, lack of a willingness to understand and to dialogue, particularly by mothers has forced LGBTI children – most of whom are young and still confused about the dynamics of their sexuality – into abject poverty because they are thrown out of homes, work places, school, and church in the name of Religion. They are social victims of curative rape by relatives and the mothers choose to keep quiet about it, they are denied access to medical care, health education, clean water and sanitation because they have no decent shelter, and they have been denied a share of their family inheritance and are estranged from a safe environment suitable for a child’s survival as well as preservation of human dignity. This attitude towards LGBTI children has also been a major factor in fuelling HIV infection as behind the scenes, LGBTI children resort to wild and desperate life styles, which expose both them and non-LGBTI children and people at risk of contracting HIV and other life-threatening diseases.

These extreme conditions of poverty, rejection, hunger, and hostility lure your children into many evils, such as armed robbery, prostitution, terrorist tendencies, suicide, and extreme hooliganism. Such a result is contrary to the transformation that MU aims to achieve as per their 2001-2010 commitment to a culture of peace and non-violence for all the children of the world. We would therefore be right to conclude that by failing to protect and advocate for their LGBTI children and by refusing to address the fathers concerning the true situation for their LGBTI children, the mothers are failing in their 2001-2010 commitment to achieve a culture of peace and non-violence for all children in the world.

It is important to note that your LGBTI children will not always remain young. They will become independent grown ups and make a generation of angry, rejected, and desperate people. They will also – without your approval interact with your affirmed non-LGBTI children and the negative fruits from many of these encounters will prove to you that reconciliation is better than aggravation, and it will further prove to you that indeed “whatsoever man sows that shall he also reap.” For when you sow hate, then the anticipated harvest is one of hatred.

As Christian mothers, there should be adherence to the pivotal teaching of Jesus Christ and the greatest value of the Christian faith, which is love, you Christian mothers of the MU to enforce their commitment to the 2001-2010 United Nations declaration of a culture of peace and non-violence for all the children of the world by embracing their LGBTI children and by addressing the unique needs and situation of these children to the fathers, some of whom are Bishops. A few of these needs include but are not limited to the following:

Acknowledge the unique sexuality of your LGBTI children and embrace them with indiscriminate love.

Help your LGBTI children understand the process of reconciling their sexuality and spirituality.

Assist your LGBTI children to access sexual health education.

Empower them with confidence to make responsible choices – without influencing what their choices should be but rather that they will be responsible.

Provide appropriate religious counseling and not subject them to inhumane, coercive, and abusive counsel

“My mother and father may forsake me but the Lord will take me up”.

Shouldn’t it be a concern to you that the words of the Psalmist reiterate the position of LGBTI children and young people in the church today? Should it be recorded that we are right in concluding that Christian mothers and fathers have thrown their hands up in defeat and abandoned their LGBTI children whose current reality confirms that they are HIV positive, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, commercial sex workers, albeit identifying with a sexual minority?

Walter Lippmann rightly observed that “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.” Mothers and Fathers are the first and most pivotal leaders any generation can boast of and draw their will to carry on. Don’t stay silent but rise up and be the God given cradle of safety for your LGBTI children. Speak out on their behalf and on behalf of the all-loving and compassionate God that His love and yours will not permit the current cultivation of a culture of hostility, hatred, and rejection of any child – including LGBTI children.

Yours truly,

Integrity Uganda


Contact: David Kato
Secretary Integrity (IFU) Uganda
IntegratedFellowship– Uganda

P. O. Box 70208, Clock Tower Kampala, Uganda
Phone Number: +256773104971/+256772448958

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