Changing Attitude welcomes Bishop Gene Robinson to the UK for our tenth anniversary celebration

Changing Attitude is proud and delighted to welcome the Bishop of New Hampshire, the Rt Revd V Gene Robinson, to the UK. Bishop Gene will deliver an address following services at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, and St Elisabeth, Reddish, Stockport. Changing Attitude’s 10th anniversary  provides an opportunity for British Christians to meet and hear Bishop Robinson on his first visit to another Anglican Province.

The Revd Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude, said: “I met Bishop Gene in 2003 at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of the USA when, amidst much controversy, his election as Bishop of New Hampshire was confirmed. Bishop Gene is a man of great integrity, warmth and wisdom. His visit to the UK will encourage those who long for the Church of England to unreservedly welcome lesbian and gay people. It is sad that he he unable to preside or preach at our anniversary service  because of church rules which prohibit a partnered gay bishop from participating fully in an act of Christian worship in England.”

“For those with eyes to see, Bishop Gene, a faithfully partnered gay man, openly reveals the integrity, discipleship and Christian witness which many gay priests and bishops have given in their ministry in the Church of England. Most of them have done so, hiding from the church and their congregations their sexual identity and their love and commitment to their partners.”

“Bishop Gene arrives at a time of great significance for lesbian and gay members of the UK Anglican churches. Lesbian and gay people will be able to register their civil partnerships from December. Many priests have already announced their intention to do so. The Church is being confronted by faithfully partnered priests who are no longer willing to hide a fundamental part of their God-given selves in order to comply with church rules which oppress people because of their sexual identity.”

“Changing Attitude will continue to work for change within the Church. We have achieved a great deal in 10 years, through the patient, courageous work of our supporters, group members and convenors. They have provided support for LGBT Anglicans, a witness to the deep faith and prayerfulness of lesbian and gay Christians, and education and advice to their parishes, deaneries and dioceses. We will continue to build relationships in the church, with Bishops, members of General Synod, and with those who disagree with us. We are Anglicans, committed to a diverse and inclusive church, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating love, forgiveness and radical transformation of life.”

Note for editors

Changing Attitude England is a national organisation of Bishops, Priests and Lay People in the Church of England calling for the full inclusion of lesbian and gay people in the Anglican Church.

Changing Attitude has a network of 20 groups in 22 dioceses working to support lesbian and gay clergy and lay people and for a radical change in church attitudes by witnessing to the local church through personal testimony, education and providing information.

As a founder member of Inclusive Communion, Changing Attitude is pledged to work for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in every Province of the Anglican Communion.


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