Rev Victor Bracuto wins ex-gay discrimination ruling in Argentina

by Rev. Dr. Thomas Hanks, Buenos Aires, and Rex Wockner

Other Sheep Ministries

The Argentine Justice Ministry’s National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism has ruled that a recent “gay cure” conference in Córdoba implied that gays are sick and therefore engaged in illegal discrimination.

“This department of Legal Help [of INADI, National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, of the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights of Argentina] received the accusation (Denuncia) ME N 7586/08 made against the Foundation Group Integra by Mr. Victor Bracuto with the purpose of determining if the actions referred to

constitute a discriminatory act or conduct in terms of the Law N° 23.592.

“Mr. Victor Bracuto indicated that he considered himself discriminated by the Foundation Group Integra in that they organized a conference on sexual and relational wholeness, which had amongst its purposes “heal/cure the homosexual.” The information sent to him by mail indicated that the speakers in the conference would be Andy Comisky, foundation and director of the Ministry “Desert Streams,” in the USA, and Mauricio Montión, leader of the ministry “Restoration” of Argentina, which functions in the province of Cordoba.

“Conclusion: For the reasons above expounded, this department of Legal Help considers that the celebration of a conference on sexual healing, which has amongst its objects “heal/cure the homosexual” is discriminatory in terms of article 1 of the law 23.592.”

The Rev. Victor Bracuto is minister of the Metropolitan Community Church in Argentina ( and Other Sheep Coordinator for South America ( On receiving the news of the favourable verdict from INADI, Rev. Bracuto commented “We are witnessing a historical development, not only in Argentina, but perhaps also in Latin America and the world” The Argentine decision became public on July 30, 2009, followed shortly by the “Report of the American Psychological Association task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation,” which similarly affirmed that homosexuality “is not a mental disorder” and condemned claims and efforts to “change sexual orientation.”

(The 10 page INADI document in its entirety and his letter of response are both available in the Argentine MCC website).

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