‘Christian’ policeman loses disciplinary hearing over attitudes to homosexuality

A policeman who objected to what he claimed was the aggressive promotion of homosexual rights within the Norfolk Constabulary lost a disciplinary hearing brought against him by his police force. He objected to being ‘bombarded’ at work by emails and posters promoting gay rights and events and has now been sacked for misconduct.

Mr Cogman refuted any allegation that he is ‘homophobic’ and claimed he only sought equal space for the Christian viewpoint in the Police. There are, of course, a variety of Christian viewpoints about homosexuality, something Mr Cogman finds hard to accept. He had been sending emails to colleagues which quoted religious texts and suggested homosexual sex was sinful. He was ordered to stop using the internal messaging system for failing to show ‘respect and tolerance’ to fellow officers but breached the ban by circulating a link to an American Christian helpline. He was also accused of victimising a gay liaison officer by saying: ‘Love the sinner, hate the deed.’

In 2006 gay liaison officers in Great Yarmouth circulated an email urging officers to wear a pink ribbon on their uniform to mark Gay History Month. In Mr Cogman’s mind, the station was also ‘bombarded’ with gay posters and information about gay events. He responded to the email saying it was ‘inappropriate, thoughtless and insensitive’ as the rainbow symbolises God’s faithfulness.

Mr Cogman claimed he had been harassed over his Christian beliefs, saying: ‘The blatant support for homosexual rights in Norfolk police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult.’

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