2001 Census – 80,000 gays live as couples

According to the latest data from the 2001 census, almost 80,000 people in England and Wales acknowledge living together as “partners” in same-sex relationships. The figures were compiled from answers about living arrangements in the 2001 census and based on couples who identified themselves as in a same-sex relationship. The figures suggest there are 39,261 households occupied by gay and lesbian couples – though the number is almost certainly higher since some people will have declined to disclose their relationship.

A breakdown of the data shows that Brighton and the City of London are the only areas where more than one per cent of the resident population lives in a homosexual relationship. The other 12 highest areas are all London boroughs, with Blackpool and Manchester in 15th and 16th place. Most of the areas reporting the smallest number of same-sex couples are in the North East. The number of cohabiting gay couples represents only 0.2 per cent of the 40 million people aged over 16 in England and Wales. This is in line with estimates made by the Government’s labour force survey last year.

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