Quakers urge gay and transsexual marriage

A Quaker group has urged the government to recognise transsexual and gay marriages. Replying to a Home Office consultation paper on transsexual rights, Friends’ Transgender Fellowship (FTF) says “the law should recognise all committed relationships.”

The group, which includes both practising Quakers and others who attend it occasionally, states that they still see marriage as founded on sex but Quakers hold it to be founded on love. “They believe that God upholds all who are tenderly committed to each other,” explains the statement. “We believe that all joining of persons in love is made by God and we utterly deny all worldly prescription for marriage save that we shall uphold in loving kindness any who live in tender commitment to each other.”

Quaker marriages are recognised by law. Nevertheless, they state that “we believe that marriage is a spiritual condition and that our marriage procedure simply bears witness to what God has already brought about.”

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