New Kirk moderator says gay ministers are ‘a risk’

The Times

The Rev David Lacy of Kilmarnock, the Church of Scotland’s incoming moderator told The Sunday Times on 31st October that sanctioning openly gay ministers posed too grave a risk for a church evenly divided on the issue. He added: “I find myself truly representative of the Church in that sometimes I believe we should not appoint gay ministers and at other times I really believe we should.” Mr Lacy said that he knew some gay people who would make fantastic ministers, adding: “But the other side of me says we have severe problems because the Bible in many places is overtly against this.”

The comments mark a significant departure from the views of his predecessors and will please the Kirk’s conservative wing. Last year Professor Ian Torrance, then moderator, said that he would be utterly untroubled by the election of gay ministers as long as they were disciplined and effective.

Dr Alison Elliot, the current moderator, has supported such ordinations so long as gay ministers are not sexually active.

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