House of Bishop’s Working Party on Human Sexuality

For rather a long time now, the Rt Revd Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford, has been chairing a working party of four bishops set up by the House of Bishops whose task has been to prepare a statement to help the church take the next step on from ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’. Bishop Richard has constantly cautioned lesbian and gay Anglicans not to expect anything dramatically groundbreaking from the report.

We understand that the report has at last been finalised and circulated in draft to the House of Bishops, who considered the report at their meeting in January. There will now be a period of regional consultations among the bishops, and it is anticipated that following this, and subject to the House of Bishops agreeing a final version, the report might be published in the summer.

We believe that the report will offer a survey of positions and opinions within the church as a guide to continuing discussion  rather than present any radically new material or come to any new position. The Lesbian and Gay Clergy Consultation has commissioned a group of Biblical scholars to try and form a theological response to the report.

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