No excuse for homophobia says CofE Chief Education Officer


The following letter appeared in the Guardian from the Revd Janina Ainsworth:

I am happy to accept Phil Beadle’s challenge to “publicly and explicitly [stand] against any form of homophobia” in Church of England schools (Battle to beat the last acceptable prejudice, 20 January). I would encourage schools, as a first step, to expressly forbid discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation within their codes of conduct, whether the school has a religious character or not.

At an appropriate stage of the curriculum, Church of England schools will encourage students to examine the full range of views, including a variety of Christian perspectives on human sexuality. Our schools encourage students to develop their own position rather than promote any single viewpoint. But they should never ignore or condone any form of abusive or threatening behaviour.

The Rev Janina Ainsworth
Chief education officer, Church of England, London SW1

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