Anglican Mainstream reacts to Government IDAHO statement

Anglican Mainstream react to Government IDAHO statement

May 22, 2008 (

A report on the web site of Anglican Mainstream claims the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has announced that its embassies will now be collaborating with local homosexual activist organisations in other countries to promote acceptance of homosexuality overseas. Anglican Mainstream repeatedly misrepresents the Government statement and the position of groups such as Changing Attitude.

The Mainstream report repeatedly uses the term ‘homosexualist’ to describe organisations such as CA. It claims we are seeking to ‘denormalize natural heterosexual relations between men and women for schoolchildren as early as primary school.’ The report says:

“The goal is to join forces with [local homosexual activist] groups in attempting to force other countries to implement the full homosexualist political agenda of equating homosexuality with natural relations between men and women.

“[In a statement] Barbara Follett listed the gains of the homosexualist movement in Britain including working in schools to denormalize natural heterosexual relations between men and women for schoolchildren as early as primary school.

“The government’s “anti-homophobic bullying” programmes have been criticised as a means of silencing and marginalizing the voice of traditional Christianity in Britain. In particular, the recently passed Sexual Orientation Regulations have forced religious organisations to abandon their religious character and accept homosexuality as equivalent to natural sexual relations.

“Follett particularly boasted of the Sexual Orientation Regulations that have significantly advanced the suppression of any opposition, particularly religious opposition, to the work of homosexual activists. She said, “We have prohibited discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in the workplace, and outlawed it outside the workplace. Last month we made similar protections available to people on grounds of their gender reassignment.”

“In April 2007, shortly after the passage of the notorious Sexual Orientation Regulations that has forced the closure of a number of Catholic adoption agencies, George Broadhead, secretary of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) said, “For the sake of these children…should be protected from the promotion of bigotry in schools, the Catholic Church should be stripped of its educational establishments.”

“Many Christian and Muslim countries are under constant pressure from international organisations, the European Union and the United Nations, as well as a host of homosexualist pressure groups to change their laws to fully accept the normalization of homosexuality as equal to natural marriage and relationships.”

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