Church of North India summit on sexuality

A report issued on 26 August 2004 aid that at a recent Church summit on the sexuality issue leaders of the Church of North India (CNI) argued that homosexual practice is incompatible with scripture, doctrine, and Indian values. The CNI’s 24 bishops earlier opposed the consecration of bishop Gene Robinson. The more recebt summit is expected to guide the deliberations of the CNI’s moderator, the Rt Rev Z James Terom, Bishop of Chata Nagpur, who is a member of the Lambeth Commission.

The Indian Church’s negative stance highlights the polarised positions of members of the Commission and the differing expectations of their provinces. The Bishop of Mumbai, the Rt. Rev. Baiju Gavit stated after the meeting the CNI would not agree to the innovations of same-sex blessings and non-celibate gay clergy. “The appointment of gay priests is indicative of western lifestyle and culture. Our culture is different,” he stated.

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