Sandy Millar could be consecrated in Uganda as missionary bishop

A report by Ruth Gledhill in the Times, based on an article published by David Virtue on his Virtuosity web site based in the USA maintained that Sandy Millar, the retiring vicar of Holy Trinity, Brompton, could be consecrated as a missionary bishop by the Province of Uganda.

The Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Orombi, is already facing widespread criticism because Uganda has taken three conservative Episcopal parishes which oppose the policies of their bishop under its wing. It is believed that liberal English bishops have complained about the initiative agreed by the Bishop of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Uganda.

If the proposal to consecrate Sandy Millar were to go ahead this would be a historic change to the way episcopacy has traditionally been linked to geographical jurisdiction. While it is argued that the advent of so-called ‘flying bishops’ has already weakened this link, the current crisis in the Anglican Communion has thrown the inability of geographical episcopacy to cope with such divisions into sharp focus.

The Diocese of London, Lambeth Palace and Holy Trinity, Brompton, would not confirm or deny the consecration proposal, but the Bishop of London had already signalled that he was working out further plans for the future ministry of Sandy Millar beyond his retirement next year. Sandy Millar preached at the enthronement of Archbishop Henry Orombi in January.

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