The Windsor Report – recommendations predicted

The Guardian newspaper today made predictions about the contents of the Windsor Report, to be published on Monday 18 October. The 80 page report has been produced under tight and largely successful security to avoid leaks. There are expected to be three broad recommendations, according to Stephen Bates.

The report is expected to censure the 50 or so bishops, mainly from ECUSA but also from Canada and Ireland, who attended the consecration of Gene Robinson as bishop of the diocese of New Hampshire in November last year.

The Episcopal Church in the USA will be asked to apologise for its action in electing Bishop Robinson because of the damage it has done to the unity of the worldwide church. This would fall well short of the individual and collective repentance or expulsion hard-line evangelicals have been demanding.

It is also thought the report will remind bishops from every Province to observe episcopal boundaries and not trespass on other dioceses. This is likely to be the most unwelcome recommendation for conservatives. It would question the plans being formulated by certain bishops and pressure groups to ensure that conservative bishops are able to minister to parishes unwilling to accept the authority of liberal bishops.

Finally, the report will focus on the way in which the Communion makes decisions by recommending an agreed disciplinary structure which would maintain a framework of unity across diverse societies and a context in which theological and ecclesiological differences could be explored.

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