GAFCON bishops meet in Mukono, Uganda

Ganzi Muhanguzi reported on that a total of 39 anti-gay bishops met in Uganda to defend the Global Anglican Future Conference Movement (GAFCON), a clergy movement against homosexuality in the Church.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh from Nigeria, who is also the chairman of the GAFCON Theological Resource Group, said the misrepresentation of Christ and his nature is a threat to the Church. “The controversy about who Jesus is, almost crippled the Church some time back,” he said. He urged Christians to follow the Bible and reject popular distortions.

The web report describes liberal Anglicans led by Canterbury as being in favour of homosexuality, while conservatives, led by Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria are opposed to the move. It says Akinola’s group is threatening a break in communion if the Canterbury does not retract their stand.

The Meeting attracted clergy from USA, UK, Australia, South India, South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. They met at Uganda Christian University, Mukono.

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