Archbishop Peter Akinola expects to elect and consecrate bishops in America

In a letter sent on 30 March 2006 from Archbishop Peter Akinola to Bishop Jack Iker of Fort Worth, Archbishop Akinola wrote that he expects to elect and consecrate new Episcopal leadership in the coming months for CANA, the Convocation for Anglicans in North America.

Archbishop Peter Akinola, the Bishop of Abuja, Anglican Primate of Nigeria, (and leader of the Global South, the report says) met with Bishop Jack Leo Iker of the Diocese of Fort Worth on Tuesday, March 28 during a visit to the Metroplex.

Archbishop Akinola wrote in the letter that one consequence of the consecration of the Bishop of New Hampshire “has been the isolation and alienation of a growing number of Nigerian and other Anglicans. In response to this the Church of Nigeria has established CANA (a Convocation for Anglicans in North America) to provide pastoral care for those Anglicans who are unable to find a spiritual home in the Episcopal Church during these difficult times. I was pleased to hear your enthusiastic support for this endeavour and especially gratified by your willingness to fully recognize and work in close partnership with the Episcopal leadership that we expect to elect and consecrate in the coming months.”

Online commentator David Virtue, not always the most reliable of sources, said Akinola gave no timetable for the consecration of CANA Bishops, but hinted that they would be elected soon, with his U.S. escort the Rev Martyn Minns of Truro Episcopal Church thought to be on the short list.

The clergy of the Diocese of Fort Worth include two native Nigerians: Fr. Jonathan Ogujiofor of St. Simon’s, Fort Worth; and Fr. Felix Akinkugbe of St. Philip’s, Arlington. The congregation of St. Philip’s is made up primarily of native Africans.

Earlier in the week, Akinola spoke to a number of Evangelical Anglican leaders and ECUSA priests in New York City and issued a threat against his own priests in America, saying, “Make no mistake about it, if any Nigerian priests are in ECUSA and do not remove themselves, they will face ecclesiastical charges, because we are no longer in communion with ECUSA.”

The Nigerian Primate has been visiting conservative reactionary ECUSA leaders and his CANA churches. He was in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. His visit is primarily pastoral with CANA members, said a source. In Chicago he visited members from four states – Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri.

Peter Akinola also met with the Bishop of Quincy, Keith L. Ackerman. His ‘entourage’ included Bishop Kattey of Niger Delta North diocese and Mr. Abraham Yisa the Chairman of CANA board of trustees and Registrar of the Church of Anglican Communion (sic). Abraham N. Yisa, Esq., Registrar of the Church of Nigeria serves as chairman of the board of trustees, Chief Gboyega Delano of Chicago serves as secretary and Mrs. Patience Oruh of Maryland serves as treasurer. Mrs. Oruh was the only one not present for the visit.

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