Bishop Gene Robinson denies AP report about attending Lambeth Conference

A report by the Associated Press in London, England, today (December 16, 2004) claimed that Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire (USA) would attend the 2008 Lambeth Conference in defiance of other bishops. Bishop Robinson denies the report and has asked the Associated Press for a retraction.

The AP report claims — under the headline “GAY BISHOP PLANS TO ATTEND 2008 ANGLICAN CONFERENCE”:

“‘New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who lives openly with his male partner, has said he plans to attend the conference, even though bishops who believe the Bible bans gay sex have said they would boycott the event if he attended.'” Bishop Robinson is aware that the only invitations to the Lambeth Conference come from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Those invitations have not yet been made and Bishop Robinson has issued no statements about the conference since he was quoted in October in the NY Times and Associated Press and other media in response to the Windsor Report. The NY Times article by Laurie Goodstein said:

“The [Windsor] report also says that given the widespread unacceptability” of Bishop Robinson’s ministry in some provinces, the archbishop of Canterbury should “exercise very considerable caution in inviting or admitting him to the councils of the Communion.” The most significant coming meeting is the Lambeth Conference, which will be held next in 2008.

“Bishop Robinson said he had expected such a recommendation, and had written to the archbishop offering to attend the Lambeth Conference in “a diminished capacity” not as a bishop, but perhaps as an observer or nonvoting member.” Bishop Robinson’s position has not changed and his offer to the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend the conference by invitation in a “diminished capacity” remains on the table.

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