The rights and wrongs of gender transition

That’s the subject of this week’s programmes on Channel 4. Broadcast at 19.55 Monday to Thursday, 19.25 on Friday, & 18.55 on Saturday & Sunday (after the Channel 4 News), these short interviews – usually a single talking head – last about a couple of minutes.

Andy Warhol once said that the modern media afforded us all fifteen minutes of fame – now it seems it’s down to 1 minute 40 seconds: not long to get across one’s point of view, but seem to have refined this to a fine art, so I’m hopeful, but a bit apprehensive too, about my own contribution which starts this particular series and is due to be broadcast tonight.

The actual interview, which lasted nearly half an hour, will have been reduced to an essence. I recall saying that I had made the journey from male to female and that I felt good and empowered by that. Apart from some general feminist points, my main focus was on the Bible as a transgender-friendly book, and the listing mentions that, as well as my response to the final question ‘Would it help if the Archbishop of Canterbury were to say something positive about transgender people?’

How it will come across I’ll just have to wait and see. My plan is to blog about these programmes here throughout the week, so do tune in and watch them – they can be accessed via from the website as well if you are unable to watch them when they go out –

and let me have your comments afterwards.

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