Publications review – your views please

If you are a supporter of Changing Attitude  – or receive our newsletter – please help us with your views.

Changing Attitude is reviewing and possibly redesigning its publications in the next few months.  In particular, we are considering publishing our newsletter electronically, with more regular issues and more opportunities for interactivity.  However, we want to check what our members would prefer, if there are disability issues – and also get your general comments.

We would be enormously grateful if you would fill in our survey below: feel free to skip any questions you don’t want to answer.

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  1. Norman Spink says

    This was a bit confusing, compared with printed form received in post.
    No doubt that due to using a standard survey service.
    I do have internet access at home.
    I do not use any of the social media, except one, purely to see pictures that friends post on Facebook.
    Not having a active CA branch in my area/ diocese, the Newsletter gives reassurance that CA is still very alive and active.

  2. Changing Attitude says

    One person commented that they weren’t sure whether their replies had reached us or not. When you press ‘Done’ at the bottom of the scroll down orange survey you should get a message which says ‘Thankyou for taking the survey – surveymonkey’ . If yes, then we’ve safely received your reply.

    Many thanks for the replies we’ve received already!

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