Ghana muslims petition government over increasing numbers of homosexuals

Muslim leaders in the Western region have raised concerns about the growing rate of homosexuality in the region warning that the situation if not checked could prove very costly for the nation. The muslim leaders demonstrated against government over the matter last year, urging authorities to ensure that the situation is brought under control.

A leader of the group Sheikh Abdul Aziz told Joy FM, the actions of the homosexuals is destroying the community. He said the region is in crisis as they are defying the manner Allah created man. He expressed disappointment that government failed to deal with their petition last year when the issue was raised, stressing that it is a very crucial issue that must not be swept under the carpet. Sheikh Abdul Aziz said the muslim group will do its best to ensure the sexual act is brought to an end.

To him, if their forefathers had practiced homosexuality, there will not have been any human being left in the country and that such an act forced God to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. He said “we don’t want Almighty Allah to destroy Ghana, we don’t want Almighty Allah to destroy Africa [that is why we are fighting]. We will do our best in this battle and we know that we will survive in this battle. Insha Allah.”

The call of the group comes after a gay mathematics teacher of the Adisadel College in Cape Coast was arrested on Monday for sodomising one of the students. There have been reports of a growing rate of homosexuals in the country among who sexually transmitted diseases are growing.

But the focal person of HIV/AIDS in the Western region Dr. Sowah, has urged authorities to be cautious in their approach towards solving the situation. He said even though homosexuality is illegal, it is still widely practiced secretly by many and that it was time for stakeholders to consider other options in dealing with the situation.

Explaining why HIV/AIDS is growing among homosexuals, Dr. Sowah said the “inner canal (of the anus) was actually not meant for sex,” adding, during a sexual act there are lacerations in the area which could cause bleeding and act as an entry point for sexually transmitted diseases. He therefore stated that the general public needs to be educated on the dangers related to homosexuality.

He further revealed that some people who indulge in the act are bisexuals and may infect people from both sides with sexually transmitted diseases and worsen the crisis. Dr. Sowah reiterated that through education such people will know and understand the problems that can increase the transmission of STDs.

“No amount of laws is going to change anything. What we need to do now is to intensify education about the dangers associated with practice and then hope that people will change the behaviours,” he stated.

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