Uche Sam, leader of Changing Attitude Nigeria, reflects on Archbishop Okoh’s ideas

It is so unfortunate that things are happening this way, but we must expect such and even more from those who hate us.

The Archbishop talks about morals and fails to understand human sexuality. There is no way our sexuality affects our morals, it is just the African mentality and our failure to accept change.

The UN Is trying to create a conducive environment for everyone without discrimination on the basis of sexuality and Archbishop Okoh sees it as a way of reducing our values. I ask, what is value and what do we take and view as our values?

It is high time people and most especially the LGB&T community begin to see themselves as natural people. That is where the first question comes in – is being gay natural?

This tells us that we have a lot of work to do. When we have people like Archbishop Okoh who will make it possible for our righst to be hindered.

You all can imagine the parable he gave as an insight, which I so much agree with, but with a better understanding. When you leave the natural way of harvesting yam by using another method, it becomes a problem. Which simply means, when you leave your natural way of being gay to become heterosexual, it will not work for you because is a fake life.

That means we are here to make sure that we dont become who we are not, just to please someone else.  The UN is doing their work to make a safe and a better place for us all and I pray God to open the eyes of Archbishop Okoh to see and appreciate God’s work in our life.

We are human like everyone and we are all one in the sight of God. We need our freedom as of right and we need a safe place in the world for everyone.

God bless us all.
Uche Sam.
Director Changing Attitude Nigeria


  1. Davis Mac-Iyalla says

    A clear and true words from a grassroots gay Christian activist, Uche I wish the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion will read and take your words seriously because in it is wisdom and light. Been gay is our natural nature and I pray and hope the church of and Nigeria society will begin to accept the facts.

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