Addressing sexuality truthfully in the Church of England

Savi Hensman

Savi Hensman, a member of LGCM who represents them on the LGBT Anglican Coalition, has written a article for Ekklesia about the recent statement by the House of Bishops of the Church of England. Savi reviews how the bishops might review Anglican teaching in a way that promotes greater understanding of one another and of God’s purposes?

She concludes:

“Hence, the House of Bishops should consider involving laypersons and other clergy from the outset, drawing on the expertise of theologians, social and natural scientists and other scholars and being willing to question the status quo where this appears to hinder rather than promote God’s realm of love and peace. If its processes are transparent, supporting material (in text or video form) is made available on the Church of England website and it conclusions are carefully presented, it will at least advance mutual understanding.

“I and many others are unhappy at the reluctance to accept fully even those in civil partnerships who have made great sacrifices to follow the church’s guidelines. There will be even greater frustration if its latest work on sexuality appears to be superficial and overly influenced by political considerations.”

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