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Changing Attitude's banner carried in London Pride in Regent Street

I’m preparing to load my car with the display and banners Changing Attitude is taking to General Synod in York. There’s a box of 1000 fliers for the Civil Partnerships in Church NOW! Conference in Birmingham on 24 September and 600 leaflets about the campaign to hand to Synod members as we demonstrate with the banners on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, Changing Attitude is campaigning for change in the Church, a radical change of attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Changing Attitude is also a missionary society. Last Saturday we marched with our banner through central London at the heart of Gay Pride with other Christian groups to communicate the message that God loves ALL and welcomes ALL without judgement.

In Pall Mall we passed the group of conservative Christian’s protesting against Pride. The noise of those marching soared to its highest decibel level at that point. Their hostility generated energy and passion amongst those marching, me included.

The Anglican Mission in England (AMIE) which held its inaugural event on Wednesday June 22 has been established as a society within the Church of England ‘dedicated to the conversion of England and biblical church planting’ and ‘all forms of Christian witness in accord with the Jerusalem Statement of the GAFCON Conference in June 2008’.

Changing Attitude is dedicated to Christian witness in accord with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to living from and pouring out in our lives the love which dwells in our hearts.

We are journeying to General Synod in wisdom, love and truth with a generosity of heart and spirit. We have no need to establish an alternative society within the Church of England. Nor do we have a need to conduct Christian witness according to any other statements than those found in the Bible. We bring the love which cares infinitely for the hairs on our heads, creates profound beauty in the lilies of the field and is as bountiful as the sand on the sea shore.

We are biblical, we dwell in the heart of God, woven as branches into the vine, and we are bearing much fruit. Some hate us, but we know in the core of our being the infinite love of God which banishes hate from our hearts.

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