Integral Christianity – you are the light of the world

Today at Synod, I’ve had a number of conversations that have had very divergent perspectives on the way in which the House of Bishops might deal with LGBT issues in the next two years. I wish I could report some of the discoveries I have made, but that would be inappropriate. Instead, I offer paragraphs from Integral Christianity, a book I’ve just finished, which has been nurturing my spiritual soul this week:

God resides in everyone – Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, straights, gays, the good, the bad, and the ugly. God wants the light within us to shine. The Spirit wants us to be connected to that light within and be transformed by it.

That light is already inside of us. It is always inside of us. It has never left and will never leave. You don’t need to get it. It’s already there. You can’t earn it. It’s already there as the real you. You can’t lose, it because it’s the real you which is part of God. And God never loses any part of herself any time or anywhere. This is the “astonishing light of your own being.”

The astonishing light of our own being is deep within us, accessed and released by the connecting and being states of non-ordinary consciousness. As we become conscious of our own inner light, we are then able to let it radiate out through our lives every day. We press past all the all of the destructive conditioning from religion and society about how bad we are and how separated from God we are. It is in the depths of prayer, reflection and worship that we come to glimpse our own Unique Self that is One with the God of All Light.

The light of Infinite God shines brightly in the beauty of nature, and in the ever-evolving physical world and beyond. We access it by observation, reflection and scientific study. For Christians and others who will look, the light of Intimate God shines in Jesus, the awesome light of God in first century sandals. The light of the Inner God is that indescribable radiance of our True Self. This inner light is the one most hidden under our inadequate beliefs and lack of awareness. The vast majority of Christians have been taught this light does not exits as us, but only, at the most, as a visitor or guest in us. We must exchange this less than adequate belief for Jesus’ clear word that we are the Light.

The journey to letting our light shine is always one step, one practice, one day at a at time. Each repeated practice of exercising and nurturing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies moves us to releasing more wondrous light into this world.

You can discover it for yourself. It is verifiable in your very own life and inner self. You know how to do it. Move on it now. It is your destiny. For at this very moment, deep within you, you are the sublime, dazzling, resplendent light of the world.

Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s call to evolve
Paul R Smith. ISBN 9781557788917

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