The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing the myths

If you read this headline on Anglican Mainstream’s web site, you’d know exactly what to expect, replacing heterosexual with homosexual. It would be another tract demonstrating how promiscuous, or prone to disease or early death, lesbian and gay people are.

Well, that’s not entirely true – Anglican Mainstream is obsessed by gay men and sex, so lesbians don’t get much of a look in. However, polyamourists and paedophiles and those who practice bestiality get coverage, which only reveals the obsessions which fascinate Anglican Mainstream’s authors, the men and the women – and we all know what it means when a person becomes so obsessed in this way.

Anyway, back to The Heterosexual Agenda. It’s a parody with a purpose, a parody of the work that so fascinates Anglican Mainstream, written by Jim Burroway and published on the Box Turtle web site. Jim wrote it to show how NARTH, Focus on the Family, American Family Association, and many others, produce pretty convincing anti-gay books, videos, web pages and tracts. He uses social science research exactly as they do with the difference that he shows what he does every step of the way.

Their tracts are written in a way that reinforces what the writer wants the reader to be afraid of, starting with a fearful premise and reinforcing it with “facts” and ending with a fearful prediction of the future for our society if these fearful problems aren’t dealt with.

This is what Anglican Mainstream and other groups rely on as they pursue their campaign against LGB&T people in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. They prey on Primates and bishops, feeding them their poisonous agenda which as we have seen, leads in Africa to intense prejudice and homophobia, and in Uganda and still in the UK, to the murder of gay people.

Any Christian in their right mind would be campaigning for an end to this practice, claimed to be based on a reasonable Biblical exegesis even by more middle ground evangelicals.

Take a look at how Canon Chris Sugden does it in his recent 4thought tv broadcast about gay bishops. No wonder no bishops who are gay are prepared to come out with Canon Sugden ready to pounce now he’s back on General Synod.

Read Jim Burroway’s article and enjoy – and become a supporter of Changing Attitude’s campaign for love, truth and justice for all in the Anglican Communion, irrespective of our sexuality.


  1. Dave says

    I don’t think Anglican Mainstream has much to do with views on homosexuality in Africa. The African approach to homosexuality has deeper roots than that and seems to be as entrenched in Muslim culture and Christian culture. The influence from England in the last century is undeniable but probably secondary. The mind of the African church on homosexuality was fully formed by 1998 as shown at the Lambeth conference..

    You give your opponents too much credit.

  2. Changing Attitude says

    Those who know better than me because they were born in Africa tell me that there were names for what we now label homosexuality that preceeded colonialism. Those are the deeper roots, not prejudice but a recognition of it’s presence. We exported to the British colonies the UK penal code applied to homosexuality, and via the missions, an attitude of prejudice, guilt and intolerance. All this preceeded Lambeth 1998. The mind of African Anglicans was formed in 1997 at the conference in Kuala Lumpur and American conservatives were already using African leaders to pursure their own anti-gay agenda. Angliac Mainstream is integral to the present campaign in Africa and the wider Global South Coalition. This was reinforced in a recent conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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