Changing Attitude Kenya meets with the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council

The Revd Michael Kimindu, CA’s contact person in Kenya, reports that on July 14th and August 4th, he had two successful meetings with the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC).

The meeting with KEMNAC was authorised by the Chairman, Sheik Juma Ngao who was unable to attend himself because of other commitments in Nairobi.

After listening to the Council members talk about their knowledge of homosexuality and their ignorance, Michael says it is evident that one of the things they urgently need is correct information. They are not intent on killing homosexuals as some extreme reports have suggested but are willing to learn counselling skills in order to live in peace with homosexuals.

From the two meetings, the Committee wanted to know how they could develop a sensitivity to those who are homosexual without violating the teaching of the Quran and the Prophet.

Michael and MEMNAC have agreed to organize a seminar for 40 Muslim Religious leaders to be co-sponsored by GALCK and the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

Michael says that Changing Attitude is taking an important initiative in helping Muslims in Kenya to learn about homosexuality as a first step in overcoming their prejudice and homophobia. He comments ruefully that this means Muslims will be ahead of the Christians in Kenya in changing their attitudes towards LGBT people.

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