Five men arrested in Zimbabwe for being gay

Bulawayo24 News reported on Tuesday that five men were arrested in Domboshava near Harare on allegations of “being gay and committing acts of sexual immorality.”

The five men include a 55-year-old white and 4 black men whose ages have not yet been released, they are currently detained at Domboshava Police Station awaiting trial.

The incident happened when a bottle store owner suspected that something was wrong after seeing the young black men spending money in an unusual manner leading him to alert the police.

Bulawayo24 News reported in June that Zimbabwe police were investigating Book Café in Harare after a group of LGBTI persons showed up for a 4 June concert by afro-pop artiste John Pfumojena. Some members of the group were dressed in drag and showed public signs of affection. Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spokesperson Inspector Zimbili said, “The law is very clear on that matter; if there was a gay parade or festival at that mall, we are going to carry a full investigation.”

Last year the offices of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) offices where raided by police and two employees were arrested after GALZ participated in a national process to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the new constitution. The arrests occurred as Zimbabwe moved into the constitutional outreach phase where people throughout the country offered their views about what needed to be included in the new constitution.

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