Uganda’s Cabinet throw out MP David Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

David Bahati, MP

The Daily Monitor in Uganda reports that the President Museveni’s Cabinet have thrown out MP David Bahati’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. However, MP David Bahati insists “that the proposed legislation is now property of Parliament.”

Cabinet has finally thrown out the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 on the advice of Mr Adolf Mwesige, the ruling party lawyer. However, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, the architect of the Bill, insists the proposed legislation is now property of Parliament and that the Executive should stop “playing hide- and- seek games” on the matter.

The decision to throw out the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was made at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday where Mr Mwesige, according to sources, told ministers that the Bill was unnecessary since government has a number of laws in place criminalising homosexual activities.

“We agreed that government should search the law archives and get some of the laws, enforce them rather than having another new piece of legislation,” a source said. “He [Mwesige] said the Bill is overtaken by events and that donors and other sections of the public were not comfortable.”

The Bill seeks to criminalise all same-sex relations in the country and proposes the death penalty for sodomy. Mr Bahati and his group maintain that the country should have stronger laws against homosexuality in order to protect the moral fabric that holds society intact.

“The future of this country’s children will be determined by the peoples’ representatives in Parliament,” Mr Bahati said during a phone interview on Saturday.

Ladislus Rwakafuzi, a human rights and constitutional lawyer representing LGBTI activists in Uganda, believes the bill will never see the floor of Parliament. “His bill is a non starter. It will never see the floor of Parliament. It was killed right from the word go. We campaigned against it and we succeeded. It will not be enacted into law; that’s my opinion.”


  1. Davis Mac-Iyalla says

    I am not rejoicing until kill the gay bill in the Ugandan Parliament is dead, for now it still alive in parliament and the politicians are still playing their games, let keep praying and hoping.

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