Church of Nigeria sees gay crisis as the sign of the times

Uche Sam, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria

Uche Sam writes from Nigeria:

It has been am interesting week here in Jos as I joined the Church of Nigeria in Jos on their Youth week held at St Paul’s Anglican church. The event started on Friday 26th August and ended on Sunday 28th August with the theme ‘Challenges that face the youth in this present generation’. The guest speaker was the Rev Chimeze of the New Convernant Church, Laranto in Jos. He made the event a memorable one for me and also said things which I woiuld like to share with you all.
On Friday the programme started with the Reverend bringing out the challenges that face the youth in this generation. Out of the list he made was sexual immorality of which he mentioned homosexuality and lesbianism as a huge issue that is affecting young people.
The Reverend also made statement such as the reason why the Nigerian Church decided to break away from the Church of England was the fact that gay men were being ordained as bishops in Churche and that perversity has taken over the Church and the Nigerian Church will not be part of such great sin.
The Reverend also went on to say that in South Africa he saw bishops and their wives who are gay men taking the office of the pastor’s wife and organizing women fellowship. He asked why would the post of the woman be handled by a man.
The Reverend ended his preaching with advice to all parents to watch out for their children’s friends who are of same sex. Parents should spend more time with their children to watch them and kill every relationship that has the form of gayness in it because it is seen as abnormal.
What really got my interest here is the fact that the Church sees being gay as a challenge that faces the youth of this present generation.
The Reverend also ended his preaching on Sunday saying that challenges are a sign of crisis and that at the end of every crisis is a change, and that where you see crisis, it means a change is about to be given birth to. His message was that we must watch out for the youth before they are taken away by this perverted generation.
Well, why would being gay not be seen as natural and a part of God’s own creation remains a question I don’t yet have an answer to.
God bless
Uche Sam
Director, Changing Attitude Nigeria


  1. Davis Mac-Iyalla says

    I cant believe that the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion have nothing better to educate its Youths than to spread fears and homophobia among the Youth of the church.

    Thank God most of the Youths listening to the Rev are LGBT people, they may not be bold to argue or come out to their church and priests but they all have the wisdom to read the bible and to make up their own mind that its never sinful to be gay.

    I am amaze how the holy spirit is leading and encouraging LGBT Anglicans in Nigeria to keep holding and trusting because someday freedom will.

    The majority of LGBT Nigeria are no longer struggling with their sexuality they know who they are and they also know that the only struggle now is to fight the law that criminalize homosexuality in Nigeria. When such laws are no longer in place then LGBT Nigeria will feel more safe and confident to come out.

    I am proud of you dear Uche and others still living and surviving in a hostile Nigeria. Please be careful of your security.

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