CA Ireland congratulates Dean Tom Gordon and his civil partnership

Changing Attitude Ireland, our sister group working in the Church of Ireland, has extended its congratulations to Rev Gordon. The Irish Times reports the group secretary Canon Charles Kenny who said: “Dean Tom Gordon’s civil partnership is evidence of the growing visibility and acceptance of same-sex couples within the Church of Ireland. I know that many people in the Church of Ireland will join me in extending our congratulations to the dean and his civil partner.”

The BBC reports that Tom Gordon and his relationship with his partner of 20 years was widely known about within the church in Ireland. He added that his bishop, Michael Burrows, had long known about his relationship and was also made aware of the civil ceremony before it took place.

Dean Gordon said that he saw a civil partnership as a “normative milestone” in his relationship when the law permitting it was enacted, adding: “There are a number of issues that come about – taxation for example, just very normal practical things.” He said his experience within his own diocese had been supportive. “I have not had anything (negative) here. Quite the opposite – I have had very warm support right across the board,” he said.

Dean Gordon, who also works as a psychotherapist, added that he had been clear about his view of civil partnerships. “I regard it exactly as it is – a legally recognised partnership. The area of marriage brings us into another area of dialogue.”

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