Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) severs ties with US partner over homosexuality

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) voted to sever ties with the Presbyterian Church (USA) which now ordains openly lesbian and gay candidates to the ministry.

The Ghana denomination is also establishing centres throughout the country to provide ex-gay therapy for its homosexual members. It continues to muddy the line between religion and state by bullying the government to crack down on homosexuality.

The PCG’s Facebook Page lists the decisions from the 11th General Assembly. Item 9 states that, “The Assembly decided to sever relationship with any partner church that ordained homosexuals as ministers and allowed for same sex marriages.” This decision is a direct response to the PCUSA which voted on 10 July to ordain openly lesbian and gay candidates to the ministry.

Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, Moderator of the PCG, announced the establishment of centres for ex-gay therapy last month. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is planning to establish centres throughout the country to provide counseling and therapy for its homosexual members.

Recently, Reverend Martey strongly condemned homosexuality, describing it as filthy, unbiblical, and un-African. But he told Joy News the plans to offer counseling services to homosexuals does not mean the church is softening its position on homosexuality.

“I have been a minister for over 33 years and I’ve ministered to homosexuals, some of my students who are now ministers have ministered to homosexuals and they have come out of it so when I am talking I know what I am talking about,” he said.

Describing homosexuality as the result of demonic spirits, Rev. Prof. Martey said in addition to the counseling, they will be praying for them “and we will let them go through a vigorous spiritual exercise and if it is spiritual, it will come out, they will be free.” He stressed the church will not excommunicate anybody because they are homosexuals.

Michael Adee, the Executive Director and Field Organiser for More Light Presbyterians, responded to the PCG’s plans in The Advocate. More Light Presbyterians led the national campaign in the PCUSA to removed barriers to the ordination of openly gay and lesbian candidates for ministry.

Moderator Martey continues to enter political debates about homosexuality and muddy the lines between religion and state. He recently condemned Ghana’s Attorney General Martin Amidu when he said that homosexuality is not illegal in Ghana on a radio show.

The Attorney General’s comments sought to clarify Ghana’s position on the much talked about issue of homosexuality when he asserted that homosexual acts between two consenting adults, per Ghana’s laws, is not illegal so far as it is confined to the privacy of the partners’ bedroom.

These comments drew sharp condemnation from the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey who described them as “illogical and unfortunate”.

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