Equal marriage in the Argentine military is an important advance in democratic rights

The Argentina Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans (FALGBT) celebrates the first test of equal marriage in the Argentine Army, just over a year after the Equality Act was enacted.

Paulon Esteban, President of the FALGBT said “this is very positive that this first marriage has been held in the Army. This speaks of a maturing society in all areas of Argentine society, and is real progress in the concept of equality before the law for everyone.”

He added “since the passage of the Equal Marriage Act in July 2010 over 3,500 couples have married, about 25 have registered their sons and daughters born under the new law and this is happening in all areas of the country. This is unequivocal proof of the will of the vast majority of society to build a country Argentina free of discrimination with dignity for all ”

To end he said “it is true that much remains to be done in terms of real equality but equal marriage law gives us an extraordinary tool for achieving progress. In this sense it is extremely important to the urgent implementation of the LGBT Citizenship Plan that has FALGBT developed with the support of UNAIDS and UNDP, that we are presenting to various agencies around the country. ”

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Paulon Esteban, President of the FALGBT, Tel (0341) 15 6068171

Source: www.lgbt.org.ar

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