Ugandan LGBTI activists to discuss rights with anti-gay Christians

Ugandan homosexual activists will next month hold a public debate with a group of Christian opponents on whether homosexuals deserve human rights in Uganda.

The dialogue is set to for November 28, 2011 at the Faculty of Law at Makerere University starting 2pm. It is expected to attract over 300 people, including students and academicians from Makerere University and the Uganda Christian University, Mukono, an Anglican tertiary institution in Uganda. The discussion will be themed “Is Homosexuality a Human Right: The Legal and Moral Perspective.”

The event is organised by the Law School Christian Union (LCU). This body defines itself as a “non-denominational unincorporated body of approximately 200 persons exclusively drawn from the school of law students, academic and support staff community.”

The invitation signed by the organisation general secretary, Lou Onen said, “[LCU] was formed in the early years of the Faculty of Law to reignite moral and ethical standards in the legal profession based on Christian values, bearing in mind that the university is the cradle of the legal profession in the country.”

It adds: “The issue of homosexuality and its legal underpinnings has been very contentious at the school of law and a subject of a number of debates and dialogues. Little is perhaps understood of the legal and human rights perspective on this issue.”

Kabumba Busingye, a gay rights advocate and law lecturer at Makerere University and George Kasozi a law lecturer from Uganda Christian University have confirmed participation at the event.

Stephen Langa, one of the promoters of the anti homosexuality bill also told organisers he would attend.

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