Ugandan lesbian rugby player granted asylum in Germany

The former head of Uganda’s female rugby team has been granted asylum in Germany after facing harassment after Ugandan sports officials found out that she was a lesbian. The Ugandan tabloid, Red Pepper reported Thursday in Kampala that, “She was the captain of the all conquering Kyadondo Rugby Club-based Thunderbirds Women’s Team.”

The paper added, “The rugger chick who carries a scar on the face and wears short, spiky dreadlocks explained that it was inevitable to quit Uganda saying, ‘the men told me: Until you stop being a lesbian, we will continue to do this to you.’ The former Daily Monitor sports reporter frequented Europe at the height of her career until she stopped writing for unknown reasons.”

The media in Uganda reported that Lilian Ikulmet, who headed the She Cranes team, told German news service, DW News, that she had been raped, beaten and discriminated against by men for her sexuality. She is a professional journalist who has worked as a writer at the Daily Monitor newspaper in Uganda.

Ikulmet told DW news that she now wants to leave the gay hostel where she is hiding at the end of the year and move into an apartment of her own. She said she wants to find a job and apply for a visa for her girlfriend, whom she hopes to marry.

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