UK Diplomat and Amnesty International react to Nigerian bill

UK Diplomat says Nigerian gay punishment will not be condoned

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria in Dutse, Jigawa state, has said that western countries will not tolerate Nigeria punishing gay people because of their sexual orientation.

“It is wrong to punish people for mere expression of their relationships or for choosing to become what they have chosen for themselves. Punishment is infringement upon their fundamental human rights and the western countries would not condone the action,” said the UK High Commissioner, Andrew Lloyd, in discussion with the Governor, Sule Lamido.

Amnesty International: Nigeria should halt gay law

Amnesty International and other global Human Rights groups have called on Nigerian lawmakers to scrap the Anti-Gay-Marriage bill just passed by the Senate. They claimed that the bill will single out and deprive the rights of one group of people and that bill violates Nigeria’s Constitution and international human rights obligations.

“This bill would have a chilling effect on a range of civil society organizations and events while inciting hatred and violence against anyone suspected of practicing same-sex relationships, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people,” said Erwin van der Borght of Amnesty International.

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