Faith, Feminism, and LGBTQ women – is anyone listening?

Cutting Edge Consortium Women’s Group Public Meeting

 A Public meeting on Wednesday 18th January 2012 at 7pm, at:
The Conference Room (Floor 1), YMCA, Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AQ
The Cutting Edge Consortium wishes to invite you to a public meeting to discuss the place of LBTQ women of faith in current campaigning against faith based homophobia and transphobia and in contemporary feminist debate. We will be discussing how the demands for equality of LBTQ women of faith challenge directly the orthodoxies of the leadership of the mainstream religions and how this challenge goes beyond identity politics. We will also discuss where issues of faith and sexuality/gender identity sit on the current feminist agenda.
Contributors at the meeting will include Naomi Phillips from The British Humanist Association, Chitra Nagarajan from Southall Black Sisters/Go Feminist!, Rabbi Judith Rosen-Berry from BKY/Liberal Judaism, Christina Beardsley from Sibyls & Changing Attitude & Tamsila Taquir from The Safra Project.

Everyone who identifies as female is welcome at our event.

The Cutting Edge Consortium is an alliance of religious and secular organisations committed to the elimination of faith based homophobia and transphobia. We are keen to encourage more discussion and debate on this issue focused on women’s concerns and feminist campaigning. For more information about us, see

Cutting Edge Consortium
PO Box 24632, London E9 6XF

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