Hate No More Campaign extended in Uganda

Freedom And Roam Uganda (FARUG) announces the extension of the Hate No More Campaign which was launched in August 2011.

The campaign that was successfully launched on the 10th August 2011, kicked off with a great start, and volunteers for the campaign were also able to spare time and the upcountry districts outside Kampala were targeted first, and as seen in the campaign progress report, it was a successful activity. However this did not go without challenges, as explained in the following, the campaign is still ongoing, for the intended results to be achieved.

Majority of the districts outside Kampala were covered, and posters were pinned and dialogues with stakeholders were held as well. However, there was a realization that some districts have to be re-visited, because some of the personalities talked to expressed more interest, as such there is need for follow up with them and also establishing a forum for further action with them.

In the case of others, some were not forthcoming at all and this created little or insufficient coverage of these areas, and there is such need to strategize better on the means of approach and also who exactly to reach out to. There is need to provide more time for the campaign, in effort of extensive coverage of all our intended organizations and personalities.

Related to the above, is the fact that whereas upcountry areas were covered, the time was not enough to cover Kampala area, which is host to several key players. Many government agencies, diplomatic missions, civil society organizations, among others, many of which are based in Kampala have not yet been reached, and their importance to the campaign is highly regarded.

The other major factor that was unprecedented at the launch was the insufficiency of funds that the campaign suffered along the way. At the planning of the campaign, the finances that were budgeted for were seen as sufficient for the duration of the campaign. This however was not the case, considering the high inflation that hit the country during and shortly after the launch. This sent prices high, and purchases and service delivery related to the campaign were negatively affected. The campaign account is in negative, and there is a need for further fundraising for the campaign to move forward and successfully.

Based on the above, the committee of the hate no more campaign agreed to allow more coverage time for the hate no more campaign from the earlier four months, which were supposed to last till the 10th of December 2011, to be extended into first half of 2012. It is believed that this will present time enough to rectify earlier mistakes, strategize better for the second phase of the campaign, and also hope that more funds will be available within this period, for the campaign to be carried on smoothly.

During this time, the second phase of the campaign will also be covered, and all other issues related to the campaign will be addressed. Upon completion of the campaign, a report will be shared with the our partners.

Action for Help

  • Secure us financial resources
  • Book us appointments in high Government offices
  • Pay media space for the campaign both (print and audio)

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