Homosexuality in Cameroon: Jonas and Francky given maximum penalty

Jonas (19 years old) and Francky (20 years old) were sentenced on Tuesday, 22nd November 2011 to the maximum sentence of 5 years and fined 200,000 FCFA (400 USD) at a hearing held at the High Court of Ekounou in Yaounde.


Jonas and Francky were arrested in a car with another man on the night of July 25, 2011 in front of the Madison Night Club (Mimboman quarter) in Yaounde for the allegation of homosexuality. The three men were taken to the Provincial Direction of Judicial Police. After a week of detention, the last man who had the financial means, benefited from the provisional release, Jonas and Francky were remanded in custody at the Central Prison of Kondengui (Yaoundé) where they were detained until their trial.

The gay community of Cameroon is very affected by these arrests and this severe verdict.

Alternatives-Cameroon regrets this decline observed over the issue of human rights in Cameroon and asks to itself how the actions for homosexuals in the case of the round 10 of the global fund will be carried out and effective if Punishment is effective and severe.

We denounce:

  • This two speed justice for Jonas and Francky on the one hand and the third man on the other hand (who benefited from bail and the outcome at the trial).
  • The maximum sentence for two youths who have better things to do in school than in the jails of Cameroon.
  • Calls the Cameroonian authorities to review the verdict and to promote appropriate conditions for the conduct of actions in favor of homosexuals in the round of 10 global fund.
  • Calls once again for the repeal of the Article 347 bis of the Penal Code which penalizes homosexuality in Cameroon.


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