Event: Feminism, Faith and LBTQ Women: Is Anybody Listening?

Cutting Edge Consortium Women’s Group Public Meeting

Feminism, Faith and LBTQ Women: Is Anybody Listening?

The Cutting Edge Consortium invites you to a discussion on
challenging homophobic, transphobic and patriarchal
orthodoxies, from faith and secular perspectives.

19.00 – 21.00 on 18th January 2012 at:

The Conference Room (Floor 1), YMCA, Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square,

London W1T 6AQ

Contributors: Naomi Phillips (British Humanist Association),

Chitra Nagarajan (Southall Black Sisters/Go Feminist!), Rabbi Judith Rosen-Berry
(BKY/Liberal Judaism), Christina Beardsley (Sibyls & Changing Attitude) & Tamsila
Taquir (The Safra Project).

Cutting Edge Consortium

PO Box 24632, London E9 6XF




Entry to the meeting is free and is open to everyone
who identifies as a woman. However, as we have
limited spaces, could we please ask you to register via
the Cutting Edge e-mail address

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