Protest for Marriage Equality at York Minster

Over 100 university students and a crowd of onlookers took part in a demonstration in York  this afternoon outside the west front of the Minster, protesting about the Archbishop of York’s attitude to LGB&T people and gay marriage in his interview in the Telegraph last Saturday. His comments have angered some campaigners in the city who have said they are extremely disappointed by the Archbishop’s stance against a “vital equality reform”.

Jeremy Timm, chair of Changing Attitude trustees, went along to add his voice to the demonstration and take  photos. Students held plackards, some handcuffed themselves to railings and handrails and various chants were used. They included:

What would Jesus do? Don’t ask Sentamu

Sen-ta-mu, shame on you

Archbishop in the minister, I don’t want to be a spinster

Cem Turhan, LGBT officer at the University of York who organised the protest, said: “I was a bit shocked by what he said because obviously Sentamu champions minorities. For this to come out seems shocking and upsetting. For everyone to be equal, everyone should be allowed to be with the person they love and want to share their life with.

“Governments have changed social structures time and time again. Traditions are always changed by Governments and that’s the great thing, that means we can look forward. I think to deny anyone the chance to marry the person they love is really unfair. I want everyone in York to attend – everyone should show support for one another.”


  1. Elizabeth says

    THANK YOU for such a quick response ~ students are wonderful !!

    The two placards say it all ~ “all equal EXCEPT gays” and “God loves everyone, why can’t the Church”

    It is time Christians were able to be open and honest about the realitites ~ I have many friends who have been in committed partnerships for MANY years, many over 30 years, several over 40 years ~ God has blessed them richly, they are a blessing to their Christian brothers and sisters ~ and it is a shame that some still do not feel able to be open within the wider church family. (Neither do I)

    Your courage to stand up, be counted and seen is encouraging me ~ it might save someone’s life, too !

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