Civil partnerships in church – how to add your voice

Comments left on the blog listing the signatories to the London clergy letter to The Times show that many people want to be able to add their names to a similar letter or sign a petition.

National petition

In response to the surge of energy which erupted yesterday, Changing Attitude will launch a national petition later today. It’s time to show the House of Bishops the depth of lay as well as clergy opinion about the injustice of the Church’s present attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, our families and friends, and the strong desire for change, now, around the country.

Clergy letter

The letter from London clergy was initiated not by a campaign or lobby group like Changing Attitude, LGCM or Inclusive Church. It was a genuine grass roots initiative from people who have reached the point where they find the current policy unworkable and want to challenge the status quo.

If you are a London clergy person, and you would like your name added to the letter or if you are in another diocese and would like advice about knowing where to start or who might be contacted in your diocese, please email me


  1. Jeremy Pemberton says

    Colin –

    This is great news. Thank you for moving so fast on this one.

    Can the Trustees also consider the news about the Bishop of Salisbury’s breaking ranks and coming out in favour of gay marriage? Does this mean that the campaign should now be extended along the lines of the Equal Love campaign? What does the Coalition think? It is hardly worth spending all our time campaigning for one thing if the government is going to make the other legal – whereupon there will be churches being approached by people wanting services of blessing after a (same-sex) marriage!

  2. sg says

    It is disappointing that Church of England clergy are chosing to break ranks and align themselves with the homosexual lobby. As the established Church, it is the duty of the Church of England to teach the Word of Scripture, not to take on board the latest politically correct ideology. The attitude of some CoE clergy is compromising the integrity of the CoE and letting down not only church members in the UK and wordwide but the whole of society.

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