Bless civil partnerships in church petition signed by over 1,300 people

The Changing Attitude petition to the House of Bishops and General Synod asking the Church to allow the growing number of clergy who want to bless civil partnerships in church the freedom to do so has now been signed by over 1,300 people.

The petition asks General Synod to allow churches wishing to register civil partnerships the freedom to do so under the new legislation and the House of Bishops to give clergy the freedom to register civil partnerships in church followed by a service of prayer and dedication.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition, please do it NOW and circulate the link to your friends on Facebook and elsewhere.

Many people have added a comment when they signed – below is a selection with more to come tomorrow. Be encouraged – there is energy and passion from the many who wish to see a fully inclusive Church in which barriers of gender and sexuality are dissolved.

‘As a fully fledged, baptised and confirmed member of the Church of England, I want as a woman to be able to be MARRIED to my fiancee. She is a Christian, I am a Christian. I don’t follow St Paul, I follow Christ, He said nothing against homosexuality. It’s about time you stopped pandering to the extremists who want to take us back to the Dark Ages.’

(Alison Wearing)

‘As a priest and mental health chaplain in the Diocese of Truro, I have seen and lament at the lives damaged by the lack of unconditional celebration of human sexuality, identity and sacred and holy love within the churches. Now is the time for us to challenge in the name of Christ all that oppresses our God-given and creative love for one another.

(Christopher Newell)

‘If things change – I may feel I am welcomed by the CofE.

(Christopher Bowman)

‘As a C of E priest and the incumbent of a parish I want to be able to celebrate the love and commitment of gay and lesbian couples in church and to ask God to bless their partnership, just as I would with a heterosexual couple.

(Mike Benwell)

‘My late partner and I would have loved to have our CP in Church..too late for us…its time the church stop discriminating.

(Pamela Gold)

‘I am signing to support my gay , lesbian and T friends and because I believe that this is just and right and a sign of the Kingdom

(Rev Jean Mayland)

‘Bishop who was member of the house who is ashamed of present policy. Time that more bishops came out with their opposition to the denial of proper pastoral care.

(Retired Bishop Stephen Lowe)

‘I am an ordained priest in the Church of England. I believe that the church is the expression of the whole body of Christ and we are all made in God’s image. I further believe that some couples are called to live together in love and faithfulness until they are separated by death, and this calling is God-given and should be honoured in church.

(Anne Bennet)

‘Eleven years ago my partner and I entered a covenanted relationship in our Cof E church (<a href=”” That service has enriched our subsequent lives together in so many ways.

(Simon Dawson)

I am the Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, Blackheath, where our Parish Council unanimously voted to offer services of blessing for same-sex couples and will hold civil partnerships if & when the law allows.

(Rev Trevor Donnelly)

I am a lay member of the Church of England worshipping in the Diocese of Chelmsford. I have supported equality for gay and lesbian members of the CofE for over 30 years.

(Graham Gould)

I am a priest in the Church of England and worship at All Saints New Cross London. I believe registering one’s civil partnership in church, with an approved service of commitment and blessing, would help gay and lesbian couples to grow in love and to receive affirmation and encouragement from their community of faith. I think it is a way of encouraging faithfulness and stability and can be a sign of seeking to surrender the whole of one’s life to the care and love of God.

It is also a witness to the wider community that the church stands in solidarity with gay and lesbian people and that the church is inclusive in its ministry to all people. It might help to counter prejudice inside and outside the church.

(John Angus Frame Galbraith)|Sign the Petition Online Petition »


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