Kenyan intersex person in prison protected by Dan and Fred from NYAWEK

Fred Odinga has reported that he and Dan, the Executive Director of NYAWEK in Kisumu, Kenya, have been contacted to respond to the case of an intersex person who is on remand in Kodiaga Prison.

Stalla as he/she prefers to be called, because of his/her desire to live independently and to earn a decent living, went to look for a job. By then he/she had plaited his hair with long braids so Perez, his future employer, treated him as a lady with Stalla also living in fear of victimization if he ever revealed his biological condition of possessing both male and female genitalia.

For 6 months he worked successfully without any detection from Perez’s family on his identity. Unfortunately on commencing the seventh month the kids of the family began to realize that he was indeed an intersex person. They relayed the information to their parents, Stalla’s employers, that he was a hermaphrodite. The lady turned mad at Stalla and reported to the police with allegation that Stalla had bad intentions. As a result the report was treated as attempted rape by the law court of Kisumu.

Stalla, now the plaintiff, has been remanded for three months because every time he is summoned to the court, Perez his employer and accuser at the court fails to appear for the hearing. This has made Stalla suffer and live more while he is held on remand awaiting for the hearing of the case before a final ruling can be made.

While he was on remand he suffered sexual violation and abuse from fellow prisoners who realized that he had the organs of both sexes and took advantage of this. It wasn’t until a prison warder and the officer in charge realized this was happening that they intervened and helped Stalla by directing that he be put in a separate room.

The shocking news is that Stalla identifies as female but she has been put in a male remand prison! Fred and Dan are appealing for our prayers in Changing Attitude England and specifically from me since I visited Kenya and witnessed the experince and work of the groups and leaders in Kisumu at first hand.

Tomorrow morning Dan and Fred will be going to the prison to sort the issue out, if possible. They have written to say they believe they will get a break through. Fred says they really need our prayers for divine intervention to help them go through tomorrow and rescue Stalla from prison. Through our inspiration he believes that even mountains can be moved with joint efforts!

To add to the challenges faced by Dan and Fred at NYAWEK in Kisumu, he syas that a gay man was reportedly bludgeoned to death in Malindi in the coastal part of Kenya over the previous weekend in unclear circumstances. The man was interred on 24th March as is the Muslim custom. This was the second case of a gay man who was murdered having arranged a date through social networks in the hope of going to look of a new catch. It seems to be another established case following recent gay murders in the country by unknown guys who deliberately target LGBTI people, forcefully outing them when they are drunk either by themselves or with other friends.


  1. Guillit Amakobe says

    These is all our fault. We are part to blame for not only promoting Salla’s stigma & violation into employers hands; and to let multiple trends of discrimination & violations happen to intersex& transgender people on our watch. IT community is nt a threat to human life, but its viewed and treated as such even with own families. We are humans and should be treated with dignity. Sallas employers should compensate the suffering. How did the kids find out? How old are the kids? Can they prove the legitimacy of these accusation?

  2. Daniel says

    Today in the morning we visited the Kisumu Prison with a lady By the name Irine and Fred who we meet a 17 years old by the name Stela who explains she was violated during her stay at the cell. and she was charged with MISTAKEN IDENTITY. With our intervention currently she has been separated to a different cell and their is a demand of a bail or a bond of 10,000Kenya shillings we are still working out on ways of sorting the issues thanks Dan NYAWEK

  3. says

    Hi Dan, it’s really good to read about your visit to Kisumu Prison this morning with Irene and Fred. It’s shocking to read about Stella, just 17 years of age, being violated in her cell, and good news that you have secured her move to a different cell where I hope she will be safe. You are doing amazing work, supporting very vulnerable people who are abused by the prison system in Kenya.

  4. says

    I’d like to mention that, in the instance where the preferred gender pronoun of a person is not known, it is best to refer to them in the fist person, i.e. by their preferred name (if known) or (the most preferred) use gender neutral pronouns, i.e. they, them, their, etc.

    I kindly ask Colin, therefore, to edit this article accordingly so that you don’t end up misrepresenting the identity of Stella (name used by Dan, comment)

    That said, I seriously hope something is done to assist Stella. Such treatment of people is unnacceptable!

  5. Karen says

    Poor Stalla,
    i m a european (transgender) woman and i can imagine her situation. If you contact me i can contribute some money to end her suffering, 10 K is not so much.
    i hope she will get out of the prison soon
    Stalla be blessed and u all too

    • says

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your comment and for your kind offer to help Stella. For the moment, as the next blog shows, she has been released and is safe, but I think she may be in need of help when the case returns to court, and your offer to help might be very welcome then.


  6. says

    I take this opportunity to thank all those that made a rejoinder prayer for Stalla during the tempting period, she goes for the final determination of the court ruling on 18th May 2012, if found guilty she will be required to pay a cash bail of 20000ksh, please our prayer and continual love and support shall greatly accord us a better society where human life is valued and treated with dignity, acceptance and inclusion in all spheres of life

  7. bessy says

    I take this opportunity to thank all those who stood by stalla during her hard times,am an intersexed lady and i know the pain and stressfull life she is going through.All those who judge us should know we are equal before the eyes of God and he had a reason to create u.Am eager to share more with intersexed people and am not sure to find them.Eager to share life experience with one.

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