Changing Attitude Kenya meets with retired Archbishop David Gitari

This morning members of the new Changing Attitude Kenya steering committee are travelling to Kirinyaga near Embu for an overnight meeting with Archbishop David Gitari at Philadelphia retreat centre.

The twenty-four hour meeting has three goals:

  • Demystifying the myths surrounding the existence of LGBTI people within the Anglican church by becoming visible and sharing personal experiences and testimonies
  • Mainstreaming sexual diversity in regard to inclusion and acceptance amongst Anglican LGBTI persons
  • Laying the foundations for second Philadelphia meeting later in 2012 when a wide range of people will be invited

This meeting is one of the first fruits of the visit I made to Archbishop David in March with Revd Michael Kimindu and David Kuria. Changing Attitude Kenya was formed later in my visit from Anglicans meeting in Nairobi and Kisumu. Key people meeting in Nairobi following my visit formed a steering committee and they are now evolving plans to engage with the Kenyan Church.

LGBTI Anglicans in Kenya are taking their first courageous steps towards change in the Anglican Church of Kenya. They will encounter a lot of opposition. But they will also discover that many people are already reflecting on the place of LGBTI people in Church and society and their attitudes are changing.


  1. Davis Mac-Iyalla says

    They will definitely encounter strong oppositions but at list they are safe to directly engage with the church, something that is difficult to establish in Nigeria. As I partake in BBC World have your say, about what’s your definition of marriage, the callers from Kenya even though they are of the views that marriage is for a man and woman only, they are polite in expressing their views, the hostile callers are mostly from Nigeria, Ghana, and other parts of west Africa. I can see a positive and honest listening process that will begin to take place in Kenya, and I hope bishops and church leaders from Nigeria, Uganda and other parts of the global south will begin to learn and open their hearts for a honest dialogues but of course that can only happen if they stop drinking the poisonous challis from Anglican Mainstream.

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