Pro-gay Methodist Bishop attacked and orphanage and school destroyed in Kenya

Bishop Kamau of the Trinity Methodist Church – Kenya considers that Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexuals and Intersex (LGBTI) Christian’s persons are entitled to fellowship with their fellow Christians and should not be discriminated against. He recently paid a heavy price for this. Three days ago, a group of four heavily armed young men in a four wheel drive vehicle, trailed his small saloon car and brutally attacked him as he slowed down at a muddy stretch near an Orphanage/School for socially disadvantaged especially HIV/AIDS and Internally Displaced Persons IDP’S children affected in 2007/08 general election that the Trinity Methodist Church – Kenya runs in Rift Valley Province.

They told him that they had been sent to “finish” (Kill) him in relation to his stand, as the only openly responsive bishop to LGBTI persons in East Africa. During the attack, the Bishop was roughed up, hit with gun butts, and threatened with AK 47 assault rifles with which the assailants were armed. They then bundled him into their car, drove him to the school and purported to search for evidence of his transgressions; welcoming and ministering to LGBTI persons and seminars he has be holding with pastors and bishops in Kenya. The assailants occasioned damages to the orphanage/school estimated at over $187,000 in which they trashed the office, classes, and dormitory and finally made away with computers and school supplies.

The attack put the bishop in hospital for three days. He sustained injuries to his torso, a dislocated arm and still feels pain on his chest and back. In retrospect, the attack has been the culmination of a sustained campaign of threats and intimidations that the bishop has been subjected to in the last one year since he openly stated that Jesus does not discriminate and affirmed that all persons, regardless of their sexual orientation, who profess Jesus Christ as their savior, and obedience to Him, were welcome to be or become full members of the Church and that all members of the Church were eligible to be considered for the Ordered Ministry. This is a stand that is at logger heads with most Christian churches in Kenya who continue to oppose LGBTI in the places of worship.

Although still aching and in great pain; he has a heavily bandaged left arm from injuries sustained, head and face in the attack, the bishop is grateful to a number of LGBTI and human rights organizations in Kenya that have called to commiserate with him. These are the Kenya Human Rights, the Gay and Lesbians Association of Kenya (GALK), Gay Kenya, the Other Sheep – East Africa, Human Right Defender and national LGBTI activists like Rev John Makhoha and Denis Nzioki.

Reiterating his call to the Great commission of Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, the organizations exhorted him not to give up, and to continue ministering to all, and pursue his activities which include reaching pastors and bishops in East Africa as well as bible study sessions in Nairobi and Mombasa with LGBTI which enhance the integration and spiritual growth of LGBTI persons in the church in Kenya. He believes the best way to minister to the LGBTI; the church should open doors for the them and welcomes them. Jesus never discriminated. He came to save all.

The Church and the organizations are appealing to well wishers to support in re-constructing and re-stocking the damaged orphanage/school which caters for over 250 orphans and vulnerable children. It should be remembered that many Africans view homosexuality as an immoral Western import. In many countries including Kenya, which is considered one of the more Westernized nations in Africa, gay people can be sentenced to years in prison despite a new constitution which has sections that can be interpreted as safeguarding LGBTI rights. The continent is full of

harsh homophobic laws. Clergy, politicians, and Christian groups like the Association of Christian Professionals in Kenya accuse inclusive clergy like Bishop Kamau of choosing to buy into the elite agenda of the west. Vigilante violence and panic promote an atmosphere in which these vulnerable populations are driven underground. The church has allowed itself to become prejudiced and homophobia, which drives conservative pressure groups, is infecting the church at every level. There is also an extreme conservative group of, both evangelicals and Catholics, who don’t believe in the existence of a homosexual identity. They believe homosexuality is a sickness that can be cured by therapy.

To support the re-construction and re- stocking of the orphanage/school, wire your donation to SWIFT CODE: BKTRUS3, COOP BANK A/C NO: 0444066, Beneficially Bank: Cooperative Bank, Swift Code: Kcookena, Bank Code: 11000, Branch Code: 11084, Credit to: Trinity Methodist Church – Kenya, Account No: 02128403738700

Communication Director
Trinity Methodist Church- Kenya

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