Senior Ugandan opposition MP dismisses gay rights as un-African

A Ugandan newspaper reported on Thursday that the leader of Uganda’s delegation to the Pan African Parliament (PAP), Cecilia Atim Ogwal, had asked African legislators to reject the classification of homosexuality as a human right.

Addressing the Global African Diaspora Parliamentarians Summit in Midrand, South Africa on Wednesday, Ogwal, an opposition MP once referred to as the Iron Lady of Ugandan politics, reportedly said “homosexuality is foreign and is against African cultures.”

The newspaper reported Ogwal as saying, “Practices that are against African cultures are now classified as human rights. I am forced [by Western countries] to accept homosexuality. That is wrong and should be condemned; it cannot be accepted.”

The Uganda opposition MP was contributing to a presentation by Trusty Gina, chairperson of the PAP committee on Education, Culture, Tourism and Human Resources, on ‘African Diaspora: Education and Culture’.

The Summit brings together Africans living in the Diaspora for discussions with African legislators.

Ogwal told the gathering, “Homosexuality and lesbianism are alien to Africa and are considered witchcraft.”

She said the western world now rejects polygamy, which is acceptable and has been part of African cultures over the years.

Ogwal asked Africans in the Diaspora to help Africans improve education of the girl child, in order to improve the quality of leadership on the continent.

This is not Ogwal’s first attack on homosexuals, a video of the 2010 Ugandan National Prayer Breakfast showed the MP shouting about “the evil of homosexuality.”

Again in July 2011 Ogwal was quoted in an article asking why “those people (in the west) are against our African culture of marrying 10 wives yet they want to force [our] men to marry fellow men?”

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