Look mum I’m on the telly!

Reality TV is all the rage at the moment. OK so it can be intrusive and voyeuristic. But it can also be information and educative, helping audiences to understand and appreciate other people. Preconceptions can be overturned by it, and prejudices broken down by the insights offered into the problems and struggles others might be going through and, that, ‘surprise, surprise’, they are not that different from one self.

In recent years, trans people, in particular, have benefitted from well-researched and sympathetic television documentaries, and now there is to be another focusing on trans people’s relationships. The producers would like to hear from couples who are about to get married or enter into a civil partnership. See the poster at http://changingattitude.org.uk/archives/6113

If you are interested in taking part it would be one way of getting across to the general public some of the issues that trans people face in this area, for example, the Gender Recognition Act requirement that married trans people must first dissolve their marriage in order to obtain full gender recognition. Maybe you have a special story to tell that would offer hope to other trans people. If so, get in touch with Nina on dev@electricsky.com or 01273 229660.

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